Pest Eradication

Helicopters Otago have worked very closely with the Department of Conservation for many years, developing and implementing strategies for pest control and eradication. Many projects have been undertaken in conjunction with the Department and these have proven to be very successful.

We have supplied many off-shore eradication projects with our purpose built baiting buckets.  These buckets have been used in operations on Cambpell Island,  Rat Island on the Aleutian Chain, Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, the Seychelle Islands and throughout the Pacific.

Helicopters Otago was part of a very successful operation which helped protect many endangered species living on Rat Island in the Aleution Chain.  This island is owned by the United States of America and was the largest aerial eradication project undertaken in the United States.  We undertook this project in conjunction with Island Conservation and it has proven to be a 100% success.  Our crew was away on this project for nearly 3 months.

Since the Rat Island project we have been asked to assist with many other eradication operations and we have supplied both helicopters, buckets and pilots for these rat and mice eradications.

For purchasing bait buckets please contact Kevin Gale at or phone +64 3 4897322.