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We provide professional and comprehensive services for all commercial operations

We are committed to providing professional and comprehensive services for all commercial operations and are focused on customer satisfaction.

Fire Fighting

We have 12 helicopters available at a moment’s notice. All are equipped with specifically designed collapsible monsoon fire buckets and foam dispensers. The buckets have an adjustable flow/coverage pattern for precision dropping on heavy fuels, and are also suited to portable dam filling. The buckets can be quickly adjusted to supply a wide drop for tussock or light fuel fires.

Powerline Operations

We specialise in a wide range of liveline/powerline operations including wire stringing, joint replacement, spacer replacement, joint testing, helicart operations and human sling loads. Our BK117s are an ideal machine with twin engines, providing an extra safety margin for workers on site. Voice activated communications between the tower and pilot ensures a safe and organised operation.

Gravelling and Concreting

We have many options available for gravelling and concreting. We have designed our own buckets which can be controlled from either the helicopter or by the ground crew, enabling product volume control for your specific needs. This also provides effective communication and safety for the completion of your requirements.

Talk to us about your commercial requirements, and we will work with you to provide solutions to suit your specific needs.

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Fire Fighting

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